Chief Technology OfficerTwitterGitHubEmail

Beard has oversight on all hardware, and software used for TorWorld. Along with that Beard tests all hardware configurations to make sure they're up for the tasks at hand; as well as the software.


Lead Researcher of SecurityTwitterGitHubEmail

Lunar handles the Security level for both the hardware we use, and the software we choose. Also maintains the security of the Operating Systems we use.


Programmer for FastRelay / FastExitTwitterGitHubEmail

Red contributes his programming talents to help with the FastRelay, and FastExit projects.


Researcher for FastRelay / FastExitTwitterGitHubEmail

E handles the research part of FastRelay, and FastExit. Also overseas the research of our ExitPolicies, and overall Tor RC configuartions.


Docker Programmer for FastRelay / FastExitTwitterGitHubEmail

Flare lends his cat paws to help with the research and development of our Docker ports for FastRelay, and FastExit.


Support SpecialistTwitterGitHubEmail

This Turd lends his hand to aid those who need help. Mainly helps with documentation, and support aid.