Need to Contact Us?

If you need to contact us. Please read all section below, and find which section has the correct email for you're messaging needs.

Security & Vulnerabilities

If you have general question's about the security of the website, or the scripts we put out. You can send you're questions either to our Twitter, or you can email us. If you find or come across any vulnerabilities on either the Website, or our scripts. Please send your inquires with the evidence, and this header:

Found a security flaw in TorWorld.

DMCA Complaints & Abuse Notices

If you need to file a DMCA Infridgement or an Abuse of Service complaint with us. Please send them here. Along with the evidence of your case.

Donations & Sponsors

As of now everything is paid for out of pocket from us. If you'd like to donate you're spare change to help us out. We'd be greatly appreciative of your generosity. You can either donate BTC or you can email us to donate in other forms of payment.